About Me

Hi I’m Emily! Thank you for considering me to be your doula. I love all things pregnancy: birth, families, and babies! I have been married to my best friends and partner since 2006 and we enjoy spending time with our two beautiful girls! Madeline born at home in Taylorsville Utah June of 2014 and Elizabeth born at home in Midvale Utah July 2019. We have struggled with infertility and pregnancy loss through much of our marriage and we feel very lucky to be their parents after so many years and wanting and wishing for them! We currently live in Midvale Utah. We love all things games. Board games, card games, and VIDEO games! I’m not afraid to admit it. I also love to read when I get the chance and we visit the library in our neighborhood nearly every week. We get a whole bag a fun books to read with the girls and mom gets an awesome novel and then I get to return it unread nearly ever time because I can't make the time! I love to swim and hike. I love the outdoors, but not the bugs! I love staying up late and sleeping in (but our kids disagree!) I love being a mother and I feel incredibly honored to be able to do what I love, what I am passionate about, which is supporting growing families as they navigate the journey of pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood.

I have always wanted to work in the medical field. Even from a young age I was a nurturer and never shied away from difficult or emotional situations. I lived with my Grandparents at the end of their lives and my Grandmother received loving and compassionate hospice care in our home at the end of her life. I was intricately involved in that care. As a teenager I was helping with bathing, insulin shots, medications and daily care. I had the privilege of holding my Grandmothers had as she slipped peaceful away from this world when I was just 15. I think birth and death are strongly related and both need a similar gentle, respectful, and calm reassurance.

As an adult I began working with Intermountain Healthcare and enjoyed two wonderful years there in clinical nutrition. Preparing for nursing school and working in a hospital taught me a lot of things. I learned how hospitals run. I learned of the many miracles that modern medicine has made possible. I learned that nurses are amazing and over worked! I learned that patients are often left confused about who is caring for them, what is happening now, what their options are, or what is coming next. I am so grateful for the high-tech innovations and techniques that are available to women who have complications during pregnancy or medical emergencies during delivery, but I started to think that for a majority of healthy and low-risk women there simply had to be a better and more natural way to give birth. Birth is a natural human event. Much like a natural death, birth is emotional, raw, and often intense. It is also empowering, beautiful, and incredibly life altering. Many low risk birth happen best when allowed to start and progress on its own. Most birth needs little to no medical intervention, just a watchful eye that mother and baby are tolerating labor well. Medical providers do an amazing job of practicing medicine, but women and families need more. Women in labor need continuous emotional support from early labor at home straight through to their first nap together as a new family! Mother and partners need education and information, and every patient in the hospital needs an advocate, someone who is working for them and has no other interest or obligation. When I took a childbirth education and DONA approved doula training class to fill up some credit needed in school in the fall of 2011 the pieces all fell into place. There is a missing link in our care of birthing women and new families and that missing link is a professional doula!

At this realization I began to learn and devour any information I could on pregnancy and birth. I became obsessed! I attended my first live birth and it was magical, I was in awww. I would spend my life supporting woman in labor. I was home. I decided that nursing was not my path, but midwifery was! I completed a year of midwifery school before I discovered I was pregnant with my own child. I am not sure what the future holds. For now my midwifery education in on hold as I enjoy our babies while they are still young, but my career of helping and support growing families is full steam ahead! I continue to attended numerous conferences and classes on all topics of pregnancy and birth to keep my skills relevant and my knowledge fresh. I make a habit of staying informed of new studies and recommendations, I continue to read and grow my knowledge and skills.

I am experienced in supporting birthing woman in hospitals, at homes, and in birthing centers. Although I don’t use any of my clinical skills as a doula (I won’t check your blood pressure or your cervix, I don’t prescribe medication or perform procedures) I think my strength as a doula lies in my years of experience with birth, in my midwifery education, and in my experience working in the hospital. I can see and understand why the medical staff might recommend a certain test, procedure, or intervention. I can help you understand the medical language they use and help you communicate your plans and wishes back in a way they will understand. I will help you ask the right questions and to learn about all your options. I can provide you with as much research and information as you want from trusted resources to help make the best choice for you and your baby and then help to make sure your wishes are respected. I am a strong advocate. I love what I do as a doula and I would love to have the chance to meet you.

Birth Philosophy

I believe that the human body is beautifully designed to conceive, nourish, and give life. I believe that birth is a sacred process and how a person is treated in pregnancy and during labor has a profound impact of the kind of parent they will become. I believe that birth is primal and works best in a quiet, private, and peaceful environment, free from bright lights, loud voices, or interruptions’. I believe that if medical intervention is needed that parents are smart and intuitive and will make the best choice for them and their baby if given accurate information without bias or agenda and allowed to ask question and understand all options, their risks and benefits. I believe that birth is a family event and support from a trained and experienced doula can help parents, extended family and siblings feel involved, supported and connected to the pregnancy, birth and new baby.

Fun Facts and Stats

Here are a handful of fun facts about the births I have attended here in Utah since 2011

Some of the hospitals I’ve attended births at:

    • University of Utah Hospital

    • LDS Hospital

    • Mountain West Medical Center

    • Salt Lake Regional Medical Center

    • Intermountain Medical Center (IMC)

    • Riverton Hospital

    • Lone Peak Hospital

    • St. Mark’s Hospital

    • Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

    • American Fork Hospital

    • McKay-Dee Hospital

    • Park City Medical Center

    • Evanston Regional Hospital

  • Hospital I’ve been to the most: Intermountain Medical Center and The University of Utah each 20+ times over the years

  • Clients who have chosen to birth out of the hospital, at home or a Birthing center: 30+

  • Water births I have attended: 29, many at home or local birthing centers but also some at The University of Utah and a couple at IMC when they were doing a study

  • Furthest I have traveled for a birth: Evanston, Wyoming

  • Births I have attended that required a cesarean section: 4

  • VBAC births I have attended: 5

  • Longest labor I have supported: 47 hours

  • Shortest labor I have supported: 45 Minutes

  • Funniest thing I have ever heard someone say in labor: “I’m DYING! CALL 911!!!” (We were already at a hospital and surrounded by wonderful medical staff. Less than 2 minutes later she was laughing and holding her beautiful baby girl!)

  • Smallest baby I’ve seen born: 5 Lbs. 5 oz. healthy little girl

  • Biggest baby I’ve seen born: 10 Lbs. 14 oz. big healthy boy, Born at home with no pain medication and no tearing!