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Emily is not only highly educated in the process of birth but she is also extremely compassionate

Emily is not only highly educated in the process of birth but she is also extremely compassionate.

-Terra Maynes, Birth Doula


Emily just knows how to take care of a pregnant woman!

I was hesitant with my second pregnancy about whether or not to hire a doula and I am so glad I did. I felt so supported and empowered through my pregnancy and delivery because of Emily's knowledge. I believe that it helped me bond with my baby because I felt so powerful, which I had not experienced with my first birth. My husband also recommends her to any pregnant woman we know. He says he felt like a lot of the pressure was taken off of him. He didn't have to try to read my mind or figure out what to do. Emily just knows how to take care of a pregnant woman! She notified the hospital when we were coming to deliver and talked my husband through what to do in case the baby came in the car, both which were so helpful. She stayed with me after birth for several hours and took care of everything I could have ever needed. Between my two birth experiences, the one with Emily was better in every way. I felt confident, in control, and powerful. I highly recommend her, you will not regret it!

-Janessa B.


I absolutely love Emily

I absolutely love Emily, I am so grateful for her. She is so knowledgeable and helped calm all my fears. I will continue to ask her to be my doula and I recommend her to all my friends and family. She is amazing!

-Cassie Cates


I can't imagine not having her there for any other births.

Emily is a fantastic doula. She was with me for the birth of both of my girls and I can't imagine not having her there for any other births. She's knowledgeable and trustworthy and really knows when to take charge and when to let mommy take the lead. She's simply wonderful!



I recommend her to everyone I know who is looking for a doula, and even some that aren't

Emily was amazing! I'm single and don't have much support, but she worked with me financially and made her services accessible. My son decided not to arrive until 43 weeks, and she was extremely supportive through all of the non stress tests and extra appointments. She encouraged me through early labor via phone, and arrived at the perfect time. She was very professional and the hospital staff enjoyed working with her. I recommend her to everyone I know who is looking for a doula, and even some that aren't!



I would recommend her to any woman needing great birth support.

Emily came to my birth as a midwife's assistant but was so much more! She helped with counter pressure, breathing, and coaching. She was very honest and supportive of my birth choices and kept reminding me that I could do it. She was a wonderful assistant but also a wonderful, caring doula. I would recommend her to any woman needing great birth support.

-Jeni West


Our experience would not be the same without her!

I'm writing to encourage you if you are looking into having a doula present at birth to look no further! Emily is so supportive in so many ways!

What stands out to me the most with Emily was how calm and reassuring she was with how everything went! The OB wanted to break my water(unplanned) and I was feeling uncertain about that as I wanted to give birth naturally. I remember Emily encouraging me to walk the stairs before hand to further 'engage ' my baby's head. This was something I would've never thought of, but in doing it with her support I was able to gain the confidence I needed to move on.

I also clearly remember having some notable contractions while transitioning, she applied counter pressure to my hips and it was like the contractions miraculously became non-existent! She then taught my husband how to do the same which I loved how she was able to directly involve him in the process!

Just after my doctor checked me and thought I wasn't progressing along enough; Emily used her intuition and got me up and off my back. Let's just say to the doctors surprise, it only took two pushes from that point till the time I met my beautiful baby boy.

Our baby was diagnosed early on with a severe genetic condition and most believed he wouldn't make it to birth. Despite the medical diagnosis we received Caleb thrived! We received an absolute miracle with our baby boy defeating all odds. Turns out he's perfect! But after a long worrisome nine months my biggest fear was the medical team swiping him away to examine him. My priority was to hold him, nurse him, and bond with him immediately. While the medical team was working through their astonishment of how Caleb did not meet any of their prenatal diagnoses, Emily assisted me in putting Caleb to breast and making sure my wishes came true immediately following birth!

Our experience would not be the same without her! She even did the little things that made the experience whole like taking pictures, rubbing essential oils on my feet, and advocating for our birth plan.

Having an amazing doula like Emily present at your birth will only help in assuring you have the birth you dream of and plan for; however, if there are unplanned factors that arise you can be certain that her intuition and expertise of birth will grant you a calm reassurance in the birthing of your baby.

-Melissa Wardrop


She is always in tune with her clients.

Emily is an awesome doula. She is always in tune with her clients. I love working with her.

-Marci Roundy, Certified Nurse Midwife


She is intelligent, and experienced.

As the acting Doula for the birth of my second child, Emily Steadman proved herself to be a competent and compassionate support during and surrounding the time of birth. I was grateful to have Emily as my advocate during this important time of life.

Emily has a great ability to sufficiently answer questions and set the mind at ease. She is intelligent, and experienced. Not only was she able to draw from the fountain of information her mind has acquired, but she has had exposure to the hospital world and knew what to expect during the actual event.

I have also been impressed at Emily's ability to listen to what I really wanted out of the delivery experience. She was an advocate for me and helped to orchestrate events so that I was able to have what I wanted with out upsetting the medical staff.

I felt that the experience of giving birth couldn't have gone better and I attribute much of that to Emily's efforts. I would highly recommend Emily as a Doula.

-Jennifer Farr


She was my warrior that stood up for me and protected me

I first found Emily Steadman after enjoying a massage when I was about 6 1/2 months pregnant at Prenatal Massage. When I met with her, we just clicked immediately. It was like she had read a list of all my specific wants and concerns and came prepared to help me lay out the birth plan of my dreams. I had had a pretty traumatic experience with my first child and I was desperate to feel more in control and enjoy the experience more with my second. And Emily was the Doula that could make that happen for me. We met for the next few months doing birthing classes that gave me wonderful information, answered my questions and Emily even gave me some great exercises, all in preparation for the birth. On top of the normal professional relationship that a Doula offers I appreciated Emily meeting with me to build a personal bond so that I could trust her and rely on her in the hard times that come with labor in natural birth. She listened to me and was open to my opinions and she was always my advocate when I needed her. This was something that I greatly appreciate when she was willing to come with me to an appointment with my midwife. I never felt uncomfortable with my midwife, but it was very nice and comforting that Emily would go to bat for me if and when I needed her. She was my warrior that stood up for me and protected me, and I had no idea how valuable that relationship would be until the day I went to the hospital at 37 weeks with pains in my side. After being admitted I was told that the recommendation was that I have a c-section. My whole vision of a natural/water birth was gone and I was hoping that Emily would fix the situation and that she would fight for the birth plan that we had set up. Well she didn't, she echoed the midwife in pointing out the reasons for the c-section. I was so impressed with Emily's soft strength in being unmovable when it came to pointing out the importance of the life and health of both me and my baby. She threw the original birth plan out of the window and instead she talked me through the strength and connection that I would be able to make in the new plan. Emily and I didn't get to labor together, we didn't get to fight through transition, we didn't get to set the tone for how my baby would enter this world, but I still got to monopolize on Emily's talent and expertise. After the c-section I was in unbelievable pain from what the doctors told me was a ruptured veracious vein that had been traumatized during the surgery. I remember everyone looking at me with concern as I was piratically seizing on the bed, except for Emily. She had kicked into gear with being my advocate once again and took a stern voice with the nurse to find out what was happening to me, and she helped me breath through, grunt and even attempt to calm me down through the pain while they figured out what was happening. Emily was my coach, friend and advocate and I am certain that I would not have had such a positive experience with such a difficult labor if I would not have had Emily by my side. Thank you Emily and Thank you Prenatal Massage!

-Amelia E.


She was so calming and full of joy

James and I married and started our family later in life then most. When we were deciding on birth options, we knew we wanted something more than just our OB. We love our OB but understand that we are not his only patients and we wanted someone who would be our advocate through everything. Little did we know we would be going though just about everything and need Emily oh so much.

As we waiting for the arrival of our dear precious little one, the days grew longer and longer , Emily was there, just a phone call away, asking how things were going or if we needed anything. Well the faithful day of induction arrived, we waited 41 weeks for our sweet girl to arrive on her own and she was just having too much fun to head on out. Sitting in the hospital room, the nurses had given me some type of medicine to help bring a mild induction. I remember laying in the bed and thinking gosh," maybe now is a good time to call Emily, but no, it was only 230 in the morning, we didn't need to get her up, these things take hours." James said to me, "don't you think we should call Emily?" "I don't know, it is oftly early." James says, "I would feel so much better if she was here with us." " me too". He made the call and lickity split she was there. Ready for anything. She was so calming and full of joy, just a breathe of sunshine to see. She went right to work, helping James help me and making such great suggestions. She has the nack of knowing when to lay low and when to jump into action!

At 6am my doc arrived and did not like the progression of my labor so he said we needed to break my water. Need less to say, this is one of the times I lost it and Emily was there, she was asking all of the right questions and getting the doc and the nurses to give us all of the right information! The decision was made my water was broke and Emily was there helping. I transitioned from the bed to the ball from the ball to the bed. All while Emily helped us to keep our birth plan ours, yes it changed a bit but we were still in control thanks to her! She was our advocate with everyone, my parents, the nurses, the doctors, the anesthesiologist, everyone!

After hours of contractions, there was a point where my doc sat in the room for what seemed like an hour, watching my contractions and watching my babies response to it all. He became very concerned for our little one and it was decided that we needed an emergency caesarean. From the time he said go until my daughter was in my doctors arms was 17 mins. Now you may be wondering well what is my doula doing. She was amazing, Even while I wasn't in the room, she was getting everything ready for the arrival of our daughter. She was praying with my mom, she was helping to organize and set ready the room for our return.And once we were back, she was right there to greet us and to help hold our little girl so she could latch on for the first time! Words cannot express the love and the gratitude we have for Emily. She is amazing, she has an uncanny ability to know what you need and to make it happen.

She was even there afterwards. She would visit us in the hospital and at home, helping where ever she was needed. If you are looking for a doula, Emily is the best in our book! She is one of our earthly angels!


-James, Kathleen and Genevieve


She was very reassuring throughout my pregnancy and the labor process

I wouldn't change anything about my labor experience, even though it didn't exactly go according to plan. Emily made sure that everything that could go as I had wanted it to did. She was very reassuring throughout my pregnancy and the labor process. From early morning phone calls leading to false labor to using all of her strength and then some on pressure points to relieve my pain during contractions. I truly believe that she would have done ANYTHING to make this experience a positive one for me. With a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to learn more I can't imagine a better candidate. Thank you so much for the start you gave in my daughter's life. We are a blessed family just for having known you.



When my daughter emerged, she wasn’t breathing. Lots of people rushed into the room and none of them told me what was going on, except Emily.

Emily was my doula for the birth of my daughter, Abigaile. I had read every book I could find on natural childbirth and attended Bradley birth classes, but I still didn’t feel prepared to give birth by myself. A doula seemed like the perfect solution. My contractions started slow and very far apart, and I had them for 2 days before they got to be strong enough and long enough to signal something was happening. Of course, this was at 2am. Emily came right to my house, and she was pregnant too! I was in a lot of pain and getting scared, and she immediately got me into a more comfortable position and talked me through it. I think I would have gone to the hospital right then if she hadn’t been there.

Instead, we labored at home until 5am. In the hospital, Emily made sure I got a room with a bathtub, and a nurse that was excited about helping with a natural birth. She made me a hot bath, and had LED candles all around the bathroom which made it a really comforting experience. After hours more of laboring, I wasn’t progressing. I began to get worried again. Emily was right there suggesting positions to labor in, squeezing my hips during contractions, and constantly giving me my options, making my birth experience mine to control. She kept me from falling into fear, and kept me objective and positive. She held my hand when the doctor tried to turn my posterior daughter.

When I was finally exhausted and my daughter’s heart rate started dropping, she recommended heeding the advice to get an epidural. I did, and it was the best decision I made. She helped me make that decision from a position of empowerment, and I don’t regret it, nor do I feel like I wasn’t allowed a natural birth experience.

When my daughter emerged, she wasn’t breathing. Lots of people rushed into the room and none of them told me what was going on, except Emily. She talked me through everything that was happening, remained calm and positive, and helped me and my husband to do the same. After minutes, which seemed like an eternity, I heard my baby cry, and everything was ok. Emily helped me to breastfeed my baby for the first time. When they took her to the NICU, Emily explained to me what tests they were doing, that I had every right to spend as much time there as I wanted, and that I could breastfeed her while she was there.

I feel like because of Emily, I was able to have the natural, vaginal birth I wanted, but she also helped me make the right decisions at the right time to ensure the health and safety of my daughter. I can’t think of a better “birth experience” than that and I owe so much of that to Emily!



With Emily’s support I was able to have the empowering natural childbirth I had always wanted. My son’s birth was perfect and I wouldn’t change any part of it.

With Emily’s support I was able to have the empowering natural childbirth I had always wanted. My son’s birth was perfect and I wouldn’t change any part of it.

Before contracting Emily I reached out to over forty doulas (yes, really!). Emily’s vast knowledge of all things birth and babies impressed me, and more than anything she just felt like the right fit. I am so glad I chose her.

I was afraid that I might do something “undignified” like grunt, scream, vomit, or poop during labor. I was afraid to be seen in my most vulnerable, primal state. But I found that none of that mattered. Emily made me feel so loved an accepted throughout labor and birth; I felt completely nurtured and not at all judged. She truly mothered me through childbirth.

Emily was instrumental in helping me achieve the outcome I wanted. Like most laboring mothers, I reached the point where I begged for pain relief. Emily gently but firmly reminded me of my resolve to give birth without an epidural, gave my husband needed reassurance, and encouraged me through that darkest time.

Some of the doulas I interviewed made the dislcaimer that they couldn’t be an advocate for me to the hospital staff. While it’s never a doula’s responsibility to make decisions for a client, every laboring woman reaches a point at which she is in too much pain to assert her will. At that moment she needs someone to speak for her and stand up for her, to remind hospital staff of her birth preferences and help make sure her wishes are honored. Emily was willing to go to bat for me, all while

maintaining a respectful, cordial relationship with hospital staff.

One of the things that most impressed me about Emily was her attention to detail, and her willingness to do whatever needed to be done.

Her counterpressures were amazing and helped so much to help take the edge off contractions.

When it was time for me to get into the tub to labor, she had hair ties at the ready to pull my hair back into a bun and she had even brought little lights to place around the edge of the tub so that I could labor with dim light instead of the glaring overhead fluorescent light.

In the moment after my son was born she left and reappeared two minutes later with a turkey sandwich and a vitamin water so that I could immediately eat, drink, and replenish from my long birth ordeal. While I oohed and aahed over my beautiful baby, she busied about the labor and delivery room packing up all my things so that we were all ready to move into our recovery room when the time came.

When she visited me at home after my baby’s birth, she brought a big basket full of easy-to-grab snacks to help satiate my voracious nursing appetite.

She was truly there to attend to my every need. I’m detail-oriented to the point of compulsive; I’m always the one making lists, planning, and remembering the details everyone else forgets. It meant so much to me that at my most vulnerable time I had someone else to think of all the little details and attend to my needs even before I had a chance to ask.

I brought my baby into this world naturally, just the way I wanted to, going far beyond what I thought I was capable of. Now I know that I have inner reservoirs of strength that go deeper than I ever knew. I can’t put a price on that experience or that knowledge. I’m so thankful that Emily was there for me when I needed her.

-Kimberly S.