Services & Rates

Pregnancy and Birth Services

Pregnancy, labor, and birth are a part of a unique and transformative time in a family's life. So many questions and concerns arise as you navigate this journey and the support of a professional doula has been shown to shorten labor, reduce the need for medications in labor, reduce the chance of a Cesarean birth and provide a more positive experience for both you and your partner!

Birth Doula Support Package $1600

  • 24/7 availability from the time you hire me for questions or concerns. Often medical visits are short, and you are left with lots of questions. I am available to answer them! I can talk you through your options and send you any additional resources or information as needed. I am also available for any concerns that arise during pregnancy. I can help talk you through what is normal, what may warrant a call to your provider, or even a trip to the hospital.

  • 2 prenatal home visits, where we talk about your birth plan, fears, concerns, your wishes and preferences, and help you make a coping plan for labor. Typically one of these visits will be with me and the other with one of my doula partners who is your backup if the need arises.

  • Labor support at your home while in early labor. Help packing, preparing and transferring to your birth location when it’s time, if you’re not planning to deliver at home.

  • Uninterrupted support for your entire labor and birth. Should you need support for longer than 8-12 hours your backup doula and I may switch, giving you a fresh set of hands for counter-pressure and a fresh set of strategies to help you cope and progress in labor.

  • 1-2 hours of support after birth to help you establish breastfeeding, get cleaned up and comfortable, and help you and your partner get fed and settled in to enjoy your new baby!

  • Breastfeeding support by text or phone in the days and weeks after birth to answer common questions and concerns.

  • 1 postpartum home visit to process and reflect on the birth or your baby. I answer questions about feeding and infant care and provide mental health resources as needed.

Add-on Services

Additional Prenatal visit $100

Informal visits with no set time length, usually around 2 hours. This may be helpful if you have more questions or concerns or would like more education than can be offered in our usual 2 prenatal appointments

Additional Postpartum visit or Lactation consultation $100

Informal visits with no set time length, usually around 2 hours. This may be helpful if you have more postpartum or breastfeeding questions or concerns than can be addressed in our usual postpartum visit.

Returning Clients Birth Support Package $1200

Many clients have trusted me again and again to support them as their families grow, in-fact I have more returning clients than new. I absolutely love seeing families again, and as a special thank you I offer an exclusive discounted fee. The Returning Clients package includes everything from the Birth Doula Support package, except for 1 prenatal visit instead of 2. If this fee does not work for you please reach out so we can find something that will.

Childbirth Education

Childbirth education is a must wherever you plan to give birth. Plans change and you should know all your options well in advance so you can make the best choice for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy and during your birth. Being educated about the process can help you feel informed and empowered! There are many different methods and options available. Group classes are offered through most hospitals and birthing centers and in many other locations throughout the community. If you would like something more personalized, private childbirth education may be a good option for you. I teach classes to families in the comfort and privacy of their home either in person in northern Utah or virtually to anywhere you'd like. I bring the curriculum and supplies to you! These classes are taught in three 2-2.5 hour sessions.

Private In-home Childbirth Education Class $300

Private childbirth education might be right for you if:

  • You would feel more comfortable learning and asking questions about pregnancy and childbirth with only a teacher and your partner or family present

  • You or your partner have nontraditional work schedules that don’t allow you to attend a regularly scheduled class

  • You are past 35 weeks in your pregnancy and need to complete your childbirth education quickly (we can meet every evening for a week and have you up to speed and ready for your birth!)

  • You are planning a caesarean section and would like a class tailored to the options available for a surgical birth

  • You have taken a childbirth class before and want to skip some of the basics you already know and get down to some more specifics

  • You are a survivor of abuse or have another unique situation that would warrant extra privacy and sensitivity

Postpartum Services

The first days and weeks with a new baby are often emotional and challenging. Don’t go it alone. Skilled support can make all the difference in how you heal physically and emotionally and bond with your new baby. Having the right support after birth can speed your physical recovery and identify early signs of mental health concerns. New parents need help and it's amazing what a difference some rest and good food and a tidy house can make!

Postpartum Support Package $1200

A postpartum support package includes the following:

    • 1 initial home visit before babies arrival. We can get to know one another and discuss your plans for bringing home baby, and explore your fears and concerns about parenthood and postpartum recovery. I can provide information and resources about feeding and sleep, mental health concerns and we can discuss how I can best support you and your growing family after babies arrival

    • 24/7 availability for the days and weeks immediately following birth for any questions or concerns. Many parents have questions about their recovery or the care and health of their new baby, but most don’t warrant a call to your provider and trying to find answers online can leave you in tears! Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have a skilled professional just a phone call away?

    • Use of a lending library of books and DVD’s on postpartum recovery and newborn care, feeding and sleep

    • SIX in-home visits each 3-4 hours long (usually every other day starting on day 3 after birth) During these visits I can help with any of the following as needed:

      • Basic breastfeeding techniques, tips, and tricks, and referrals for any significant complications

      • Answer questions about your recovery and provide evidence based information on newborn care including feeding and sleep

      • Light housekeeping including dishes and laundry

      • Care for older children and/or baby while you nap, shower, or take a quite walk and a deep breath

      • Preparing a healthy meal or snacks

      • Running errands and collecting any needed groceries or supplies

      • Provide a non-judgmental ear to process those big feelings about birth and new parenthood

Additional Postpartum visit

$40 Per Hour

Additional or stand-alone postpartum doula visit, 2-hour minimum

*Financial considerations

I believe every family who wants them should have access to doula services regardless of their financial means. I am familiar with several programs and resources available for lower income families to access doula care and will personally work with individuals on a sliding scale, reduced rate, or with an extended payment arrangement when needed to ensure access to the care and support they desire. If cost is a barrier to access for you please feel free to reach out for additional resources or to discuss you needs.